Stuttgart, Germany – Porsche has opened a new paint shop at its facility in Zuffenhausen, which will produce the highest-quality paint finishes with new ecological standards.

The new workshop area was completed on time to coincide with the start of production of the new Porsche 911. The body shells are painted inside and out in a totally dust-free environment, thanks to the plant being completely enclosed. A new electrostatic paint droplet removal system and a wet-chemical exhaust air purification plant cut solvent and particulate emissions to a minimum, eliminating the need for an otherwise mandatory 60-metre-high paint exhaust air-collecting stack. With 70 per cent air recirculation, the shop also uses less energy.

“The new paint shop is typically Porsche,” said Matthias Müller, chairman of the board of management. “As is so often the case, we are pushing back the previously prevailing technological boundaries, breaking new scientific ground and pioneering inventions that subsequently serve the common good. What Porsche is doing here is reconciling economy and ecology, creating leading-edge jobs for specialist experts, thereby bolstering this world-famous location over the long term.”

The shop will apply anti-corrosion protection, paint and surface-seal the body shells of the 8911, Boxster and Cayman model lines.

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