Toronto-based electronic artist takes the mayor on a coffee run in car currently for sale on

Should Rob Ford buy Deadmau5's Ferrari?

If Rob Ford was looking to take a break from the spotlight to get a Timmy’s coffee, this is certainly not the way to do it. But, deadmau5 was more than happy to take Toronto’s mayor on a quick trip through the drive-through and put up the video for all to see.

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The car in this particular video is none other than the 2013 Ferrari 458 Spider F1 Edition currently for sale on It’s wrapped in a Nyancat vinyl (because deadmau5 is probably more familiar with vinyl than paint) and the future buyer will be treated to a similar coffee run to the one you see above with Mr. Ford.

With the Toronto mayor in the passenger seat of this Italian exotic, it begs the question: Should Rob Ford buy Deadmau5’s ‘Purrari’?

Deadmau5's 2013 Ferrari 458 Spider F1 Edition

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