May 26, 2005

Poll shows 68 per cent of Canadian drivers obsessed with gas prices

Oshawa, Ontario – A General Motors of Canada poll shows that 68 per cent, or seven out of ten Canadians, say they monitor gas price fluctuations every day, while another 85 per cent remember the exact price per litre they paid at their last fill-up.

The poll, dubbed the GM Fill It Up Poll, showed that 92 per cent of respondents would drive out of their way for a 20 cent per litre discount, with 10 per cent admitting they’d tolerate an extra 20 to 30 minutes to get there. Half of all polled would line up for ten minutes or more for a similar discount, and 11 per cent would line up for more than half an hour.

Among other findings in the poll were that more than 36 per cent eavesdrop on conversations regarding gas prices, in the hope of getting a good tip, with more women than men listening in; 55 per cent spend an average of $20 to $50 per week on gas, with 21 per cent paying more than $50 per week; three in ten admit that they have pumped $4 to $5 in gas just to “get by”; and four per cent have pumped one dollar or less. One-third has run out of gas while driving, and 44 per cent strive for the “perfect pump”, stopping the gas flow at an exact dollar amount, when filling up.

As a tie-in with the poll, GM of Canada is offering a preferred price card, worth an on-the-spot 20 cent per litre discount for a year up to 2,500 litres at Petro Canada stations, for customers who purchase or lease selected new 2005 vehicles.

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