July 27, 2005

Police survey says car owners not taking steps to protect their vehicles

Westwood, Massachusetts – A survey sponsored by the LoJack Corporation, a manufacturer of vehicle tracking technology, reveals that law enforcement professionals believe car owners need to do more to protect their vehicles from theft. The survey questioned 400 police offers; 81 per cent believe that car owners are not taking the right steps to protect their vehicles from theft, while 90 per cent believe owners need to use more common sense, theft deterrents and stolen vehicle recovery systems to protect themselves.

When asked the most common mistake people make, 39 per cent said the primary problem is leaving keys inside the car. Other officers said that leaving the vehicle unlocked and/or running is a common mistake.

In addition, new trends related to vehicle theft include fraud and identity theft. Thieves use a false identity to purchase or lease a vehicle, or secure an additional set of keys; or steal a vehicle and ransack it to find personal information that is used for identity theft crimes. Owners also dump their vehicles and claim it was stolen to collect insurance fraudulently.

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