July 6, 2007

Police Association of Ontario wants more police officers to apprehend reckless drivers

Toronto, Ontario – The Police Association of Ontario (PAO) has called for increase police resources in the wake of several tragic incidents on Ontario roads involving speed and reckless driving.

“As advocates of community safety, we understand why some organizations are calling for the reinstatement of photo radar to combat reckless driving,” says Bob Baltin, PAO President. “However, none of these measures replace the impact of having additional front-line police officers to identify and apprehend drivers who needlessly put themselves, members of the community, and police personnel in harm’s way due to excessive speed while driving.”

Photo radar is a popular tool often cited as a means of deterring speed, but Karl Walsh, president of the Ontario Provincial Police Association, disagrees. “Taking a photo of a speeding vehicle does not target the person responsible for the illegal activity, and that is the driver,” Walsh says. “If Ontarians want to deter excessive speed on our streets and highways, then there must be more serious consequences for drivers who speed beyond the posted limit when they get behind the wheel of their vehicle.”

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