November 22, 2007

Plan your transportation ahead of time for your Grey Cup party this weekend, MADD Canada warns

Oakville, Ontario – When you plan your Grey Cup party for the weekend, be sure to plan your transportation home, warns Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) Canada. The organization wants all Cup revelers who are drinking to take public transit, call a taxi, get a ride from a friend or stay over with the hosts until they have sobered up.

“Let’s all celebrate the Grey Cup weekend, and let’s all ensure we plan ahead so that there is no impaired driving,” said Carolyn Swinson, MADD Canada’s National Chairperson. “Party and then get safely home by bus, cab or a friend’s vehicle. Stay over if you need to. Just don’t you drink and drive. If you find yourself impaired at the end of the night and have not planned for a drive home, call #TAXI on your mobile phone and take a taxi safely home.”

By calling #TAXI (#-8-2-9-4) on any cellphone, anywhere in Canada, you will be connected to the first available local taxi company.

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