Oakville, Ontario – Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) Canada is urging motorists to drive safe and sober this long holiday weekend, and to report any incidents of suspected impaired driving to the police by calling 911.

“We don’t want any unnecessary crashes this holiday, and ask everyone not to drive a car, boat or ATV after they have consumed alcohol or taken drugs,” said national president Margaret Miller. “Let’s keep our roads and waterways free of impaired driving fatalities. We can do this by making our travel plans in advance for our socials and parties, family celebrations, and cottage runs. Everyone can make a difference when it comes to traffic safety by calling 911 when they see a suspected impaired driver. Report impaired driving to police and help get this menace off the road or water. If you make that call, you may just be saving a life.”

MADD Canada suggests the following to ensure a safer holiday:

  • Plan ahead; be sure you know how you are getting home; and arrange for your designated driver or for your ride.

  • Arrange for alternative transportation when drinking alcohol or taking drugs. You cannot plan for every social occasions, but you can always call a taxi or plan a lift.

  • Avoid drinking and driving altogether when you will be driving on the roads, off-road trails or waterways, and always be sure the driver of the vehicle is sober. Impaired driving tragedies can also occur on ATVs and boats.

  • Talk to your friends and family members about getting into a vehicle with an impaired driver.

  • Set an example by making a personal pledge to always drive sober; warn friends against impaired driving situations; and be a good host by providing alternatives to alcoholic drinks, ensuring guests travel home safe, or offering a place to stay if necessary.

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