Ottawa, Ontario – Whether you are travelling abroad to temporarily escape winter weather, or taking a short road trip to visit family and friends, CAA North & East Ontario is offering useful tips to make your travel enjoyable and stress-free.

– Before you leave, have your vehicle serviced to make certain it is in top condition to get you to your destination.

– Plan your route in advance and travel with a fully-charged cell phone. If a call must be made, have a passenger make the call, or wait until you are able to find a safe place to get off the road.

– Many highways will be busy. Give yourself plenty of time and check the weather forecast before leaving.

– Excited children can be a challenge in the car. Frequent stops and switching seats will turn their attention to something new to the next stop. This will also help prevent driver fatigue and distraction. Pack a range of games, toys and activities as well.

– Make sure all of your passengers have proper identification in case of an emergency. If you travel to the United States, each passenger will need to have a valid passport. If crossing the border with children, each child must have a passport. Other documentation required may include a birth certificate, any legal forms pertaining to custody agreement, and a parental consent letter if the child is not travelling with one parent or unaccompanied by any parents.

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