October 30, 2006

Pirelli begins tire manufacturing in Romania

Slatina, Romania – Pirelli Tire has officially started tire manufacturing at its new facility in Slatina, Romania. The plant will produce top-range tires for cars and SUVs, and is located close to the steel-cord facility opened last year. The plant is one of the world’s most modern tire production facilities and is designed for producing high-performance tires.

The industrial complex, including the steel-cord facility, covers 500,000 square metres and will employ about 770 people by the end of the year, with 450 of them in tire production; output in 2006 will be 300,000 tires and will rise to 2 million in 2007. When fully operational, the facility will have an annual output capacity of 4.5 million tires, and a workforce of about 1,000 people. The facility will serve markets in both Western and Eastern Europe, where many carmakers are adding production capacity.

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