Bare metal exterior with carved wood interior make this concept unobtainium

Concepts are supposed to be exciting and push the boundaries of what’s acceptable. But, they are also supposed to stir our imagination and tread the fine line between realism and absolute fantasy.

This … work of art … comes from Peugeot. And because it’s French, even if in some crazy world the Exalt were to be built, we would never see it. And that makes me cry a little.

Capitalizing on the success of the Onyx concept, a supercar composed primarily of a bare copper exterior, the Exalt here turns things down a little bit to bring the mood slightly back to reality.

Two doors are replaced with four and copper body panels are replaced with more staid bare steel. The interior uses a mix of wool-based fabrics, aged leather, bare steel, and ebony. A gasoline hybrid all-wheel drive powertrain with 340bhp is said to be under the hood.

None of that matters though. Just look through the photos and drool for the rest of the afternoon as you count down the minutes until quitting time.

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