Washington, D.C. – The American Petroleum Institute (API) has launched a court challenge against a U.S. fuel standard that would allow E15, a mixture of 15 per cent ethanol and 85 per cent gasoline, in vehicles from model years 2001 to 2006.

The API and nine other groups warned that the EPA is “unnecessarily putting consumers at risk” with the standard.

“The EPA’s decision improperly authorizes an increase in ethanol content of gasoline from 10 per cent to 15 per cent,” said Bob Greco, API director of downstream operations. “EPA’s second E15 waiver was based on just as shaky, if not shakier legal and technical grounds than the first waiver decision. EPA’s waiver decisions are premature, lack statutory authority and put consumers at risk.”

The API said that the decision was made before the completion of thorough testing by the automobile and oil industries to ensure the safety and performance effects of the new fuel for consumers, and that testing results so far have revealed potential problems that could affect automobiles.

“This testing has not been completed, and until it is, EPA has no business pushing this potentially risky fuel mixture into American consumers’ gas tanks,” Greco said. “API supports a realistic and workable Renewable Fuel Standard and the responsible introduction of increased biofuels in a manner that protects consumers. However, we cannot rush to allow more ethanol before we know it is safe for consumers.”

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