HOUSTON, TX- Today, Pennzoil is introducing the new Pennzoil Ultra 0W-40 synthetic motor oil, created alongside Chrysler Group engineers specifically to keep SRT engines running clean. The advanced, co-engineered formulation is the result of months of collaboration between Pennzoil scientists and Chrysler Group engineers to develop a motor oil that provides the performance that SRT owners have come to expect from their high-tech engines. Pennzoil Ultra 0W-40 is the motor oil Chrysler recommends for use in all SRT engines, exceeding the stringent Chrysler MS-12633 specification.

“SRT owners understand the importance of performance and craftsmanship like few others,” says Ralph V. Gilles, President and Chief Executive Officer – SRT Brand and Motorsports, Chrysler Group LLC. “They know clean engines are more efficient, better protected and perform at the demanding levels we’ve designed our SRT engines to operate.”

The proprietary synthetic formula of Pennzoil Ultra motor oil is designed to exceed the toughest industry standards, so it will run through the engine of all new 2013 SRT Vipers when they start coming off the factory line.

“Developing motor oils with engine design teams is the ultimate goal of a scientist,” says Dr. Robert Sutherland, Pennzoil Technology Manager. “Understanding the intricacies of an engine through conversations with Chrysler Group engineers, allows us to formulate products that are optimized for the engine systems, resulting in increased protection and performance.”

The latest SRT engines feature increased power, efficiencies and some of the newest technologies to squeeze every possible ounce of performance out of them.  Today’s engines are much more complex and sophisticated than their counterparts of just a few years ago.

“As motor oil developers, the past few years have been very exciting with the leaps in lubricant technology and engine design,” says Sutherland. “Today, motor oils are designed to serve many functions outside of simply lubricating an engine. They can now enable complex hardware, as well as act as a coolant, hydraulic fluid and cleanser at the same time, which help to ensure an engine runs its best for as long as possible.”


Source: PRNewswire / Pennzoil

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