Aug 30, 2007

Peninsula Tokyo hotel buys two Rolls-Royce Phantom extended wheelbase models

Rolls-Royce Phantom extended wheelbase
Rolls-Royce Phantom extended wheelbase. Click image to enlarge

Tokyo, Japan – The new Peninsula hotel in Marunouchi, Tokyo has bought two Rolls-Royce Phantom Extended Wheelbase cars to chauffeur the Peninsula’s VIP guests around Tokyo.

These two Phantoms bring the total number in The Peninsula Hotels’ fleet to 16. In December 2006 the largest ever single order of 14 Rolls-Royce Phantom Extended Wheelbase cars was delivered to The Peninsula Hong Kong.

The two new Phantom Extended Wheelbase cars are finished in The Peninsula Hotels’ corporate colour, Peninsula Green, matching the paintwork of the 14 cars at The Peninsula Hong Kong. On both sides of the body, The Peninsula Tokyo logo and single gold coachline are hand applied by skilled craftsmen. The interior features walnut veneers and tan leather, with a spacious lounge seat arrangement in the rear compartment.

The two cars have a number of special features built under Rolls-Royce’s “Bespoke” programm to ensure they meet the exacting needs of the hotel. The Bespoke options include a cool box for chilled hand towels, used towel storage, bespoke tread plates with the inscription “THE PENINSULA TOKYO” and a new, larger luggage compartment. The cars’ detailed design also features a boulevard lighting system to provide maximum illumination for passengers when entering or exiting the cars.

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