Victoria, British Columbia – The British Columbia government is providing $30,000 to the Vancouver Police Department for a pedestrian safety campaign. The campaign, which follows a recent spike in pedestrian fatalities, will target the city’s most dangerous corridors.

Under way now, the Pedestrian Enforcement Initiative will use targeted strategies to raise public awareness about pedestrian safety, including high-risk behaviours associated with pedestrian crashes. Vancouver police will be deployed during peak traffic periods to enforce laws for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists, and will issue warnings or fines when appropriate. The three-week campaign will supplement other local pedestrian safety initiatives including the Traffic Unit’s pedestrian safety program for seniors.

Nine pedestrians have been killed this year so far, compared to five last year.

“In recent weeks, we’ve seen a disturbing and tragic spike in pedestrian deaths that is very concerning,” said Solicitor General Shirley Bond. “Police will be enforcing traffic laws to encourage drivers and pedestrians to be visible and pay special attention at intersections, crosswalks, construction zones, because responsible driving saves lives.”

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