June 4, 2003

Paul McCartney presents New Beetle to 2 millionth audience member

Liverpool, England – Just before the final concert of his “Back to the World” tour on June 1st, Paul McCartney surprised 19 year old Laura Andrew with a gift of a new Volkswagen Beetle Cabriolet. Laura was the two millionth audience member of his concert tour.

McCartney climbed into the Beetle with Laura and would probably have taken his overwhelmed fan for a drive around the dockyards, if he didn’t have to prepare for his concert immediately afterwards.

Sir Paul was handed the “Sundown Orange” Beetle by Franz-Josef Paefgen, CEO of Bentley and senior Volkswagen Group representative. As a genuine Beatle fan Dr Paefgen had already purchased tickets for himself and his family before learning of Sir Paul’s idea to present a Beetle to a fan. “A Beatle with a Beetle in Liverpool is obviously something very special – a moment I did not want to miss.”

The star thanked him with a smile and admired its hue: “Just the right colour – it was also a hit in the sixties.”

Laura Andrew, who reads tourism and leisure at Liverpool University, wants to keep the cabriolet for the rest of her life. Paul had signed the inside panel of the right door “For Laura. Well done. 2 Millionth. Love Paul McCartney.” She was already receiving offers for the car just after receiving the keys but promised: “I’ll never give this car away”.

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