Toronto, Ontario – The board of directors of Waterfront Toronto will formally consider the partial removal of the Gardiner Expressway at its June 12 meeting. The expressway is a major elevated thoroughfare at the south end of the city, running parallel with Lake Ontario.

Working with city officials, Waterfront Toronto undertook a technical study of the corridor in 2006 and is recommending removal of the elevated Gardiner Expressway from Jarvis Street to the Don Valley Parkway. The board said the approach is consistent with the vision to reconnect the city to its waterfront, develop better pedestrian connections and improve the quality of new communities under development in the East Bayfront and West Don Lands.

“It’s time to address the long-standing issue of the Gardiner,” said John Campbell, president and CEO of Waterfront Toronto. “Waterfront Toronto is advancing planning and implementation of new communities around the Gardiner. The challenge is to find realistic options that address revitalization objectives and intelligent, sustainable city-building principles including looking to transit to accommodate future growth. Ultimately, any option should help us build a more beautiful city and waterfront.”

Waterfront Toronto was created by the governments of Canada and Ontario, and the City of Toronto, to oversee and lead the renewal of Toronto’s waterfront.

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