Former partners may go to court over DeltaWing lookalike

We don’t normally follow the dramas of racing paddocks here at Autos, but a rift between former partners Panoz and Nissan may have some seriously negative consequences for Nissan’s electric ZEOD RC racer.

The DeltaWing lookalike is primed to race from Garage 56, an experimental slot in the paddock for cars not racing for money or points, at next year’s 24 Hours of LeMans.

Panoz, who initially developed the DeltaWing with designer Ben Bowlby, has stated the ZEOD RC infringes on a number of patents held by Panoz.

Speaking with Autoweek, Dr. Don Panoz stated “It’s been interesting to watch people from Nissan trying to dodge the question, but the fact is that in their own press release they admit that the configuration of the ZEOD is the same as the DeltaWing. And we do have patents, in fact another one was just issued last week. We are in discussions with our legal advisors, and we’ll see what happens.”

Nissan of Europe was a late hour savior for the DeltaWing project when money ran out before it completed development. The European arm of Nissan provided financial backing, technical knowledge, and engines for the new prototype. At the end of DeltaWing development, Nissan chose to leave the partnership, taking designer Ben Bowlby with them, and create their own prototype.

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