Ford Fusion gets the nod as the highest rated vehicle by Canadian owners.

Toronto, ON —After more than 22,000 reviews from actual owners writing frankly about the cars in their driveways, the consensus is in: The Ford Fusion is Canada’s top rated vehicle on

Ford’s four-door sedan garnered an overall rating of 4.37 stars (out of five), giving it the top spot on’s newly minted Owner Reviews section—a first for the Canadian automotive marketplace. Vehicles on the site are evaluated according to six categories: Comfort; Performance; Fuel Economy; Interior Design; Exterior Styling; and Reliability. Audi’s A4 took the second slot with an average of 4.34 stars, while BMW’s 3 Series came in third with 4.29 stars. (See below for the Top 10 highest rated vehicles,based on a minimum of 100 reviews.)

Ford vehicles, in general, were written about the most, with 2,345 reviews in total (as of March 28, 2013). The Honda Civic, meanwhile, got the nod as the model with the most reviews in total, with 955 assessments. Toyota’s Corolla was a distant second, with 493 reviews, while the Honda Accord came in third with 395 reviews., home to the country’s largest online vehicle inventory, this month officially unveils the Owner Reviews section, giving car buyers and sellers yet another reason to make it a must-visit site for their searches and listings. The new feature gives Canadians the straight goods and insight, directly from owners who’ve already spent valuable time in the coveted cars’ driver’s seat. Approximately 1,000 new reviews are posted to the site each week, with over 22,000 reviews already filed, including more than 3,000 in French.

“Our reviews run the entire spectrum of cars for sale in Canada,” says Ian MacDonald, autoTRADER’s Director of Marketing. “From perennial top sellers to luxury autos and rarities, car buyers can use our Owner Reviews to get even more peace of mind about any car they’re considering. We use a variety of methods to find out what Canadians find difficult about buying and selling cars, then aim to provide them withsolutions. Owner Reviews are just the latest example.”

MacDonald refers to a recent survey in which nearly three quarters (72 per cent) of Canadian drivers agreed that car reviews written by average people who own or have owned the same model are more useful than car reviews written by automotive journalists.

Before publishing, each and every review is screened by’s team of moderators, ensuring that comments are constructive and ultimately helpful to the website’s visitors, though reviewers are allowed to be as positive or negative as they wish. With Owner Reviews, MacDonald adds, now boasts an industry-leading suite of tools to make the car buying and selling process easier than ever, including free price valuations, more cars for sale than any other website, and robust mobile apps for every platform.

Top Rated Vehicles and their Star Ratings on*

1.     Ford Fusion: 4.37
2.     Audi A4: 4.34
3.     BMW 3 Series: 4.29
4.     Acura TL: 4.28
5.     VW Jetta: 4.26
6.     Honda Accord: 4.2
7.     Nissan Altima: 4.2
8.     Mazda3: 4.19
9.     Ford Mustang: 4.19
10.  Dodge RAM 1500: 4.17

*Based on vehicles that have received at least 100 reviews; Reviews posted on, and

Sample Verbatims from Actual Reviews

“The backup parking sensors and rear view camera are my favourite features in this car, making parking a breeze.”

—DanHamton, Ford Fusion owner

“Since Day One of being the second owner of this gem I’m still excited to get in it and go anywhere! Nav system is very easy to use and gets you anywhere.”

—Dunlop, Audi A4 owner

“In the 12 years I owned it, not once did it give me any trouble. This car was as powerful on the first day as on the last day I owned it.”

—LoveLuxury, BMW 3 Series owner

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