Oakville, Ontario – Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) Canada has released statistics showing that efforts made in the fight against impaired driving have saved a total of 30,589 Canadian lives since 1982.

Transport Canada reports a total of 39,487 alcohol-related fatalities on Canadian roads during the same time. Had there been no effort to reduce impaired driving deaths, MADD Canada estimates the number could have been 70,000 lives lost.

“From the Transport Canada figures, we see declines in alcohol-related traffic fatalities in Canada during the past 25 years,” said Andrew Murie, MADD Canada CEO. “Our report delivers a reliable estimate of the total number of lives that have been saved as a result of the fight against impaired driving. The report demonstrates progress in the fight. MADD Canada accepts these numbers as a challenge to redouble our efforts to make further gains in reducing the number of alcohol-related deaths in the future years.”

Murie cited a number of government and public initiatives that are contributing to the reduction in fatalities, such as enhanced graduating licensing and zero blood alcohol content for those under 21, alcohol interlocks, vehicle impoundment and seizure programs, and MADD Canada’s Campaign 911, which encourages motorists to phone police when they spot an impaired driver.
Ontario funds tooling and auto parts industries

Toronto, Ontario – The Ontario government has announced $1.2 million in provincial funding for the tooling and auto parts industries to increase their competitiveness and strengthen Ontario’s manufacturing base.

The funding will be split evenly between the Canadian Tooling and Machining Association (CTMA) and the Automotive Parts Manufacturers’ Association (APMA). The CTMA will assess shortfalls in software skills across the industry and work with suppliers to identify solutions, including testing and evaluating software, and developing new training programs. The APMA will pilot cost reduction projects at a number of auto parts companies and share the results across the industry; it will also engage consultants with expertise in manufacturing cost reduction and develop new business with Japanese and European automakers building vehicles in North America.

“This is about strengthening Ontario’s auto supply chain from beginning to end,” said Sandra Pupatello, Minister of Economic Development and Trade. “We’re investing strategically to get car companies building in Ontario, sourcing from Ontario parts makers, who in turn get their tooling designed and built here too. It’s our long-term, integrated plan for the industry.”

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