Ottawa, Ontario – The federal government has proposed a new safety regulation that would make electronic stability control (ESC) standard on all light-duty vehicles for sale in Canada, beginning September 1, 2011.

The proposal is similar to a final rule enacted in the United States, where ESC will be mandatory on all light-duty vehicles, beginning September 1, 2011 for model-year 2012.

“Our government recognizes that electronic stability control technology saves lives,” said Transport Minister John Baird. “This safety feature is already available on many models, and it goes hand-in-hand with increasing the safety of Canadians and improving the quality of life for drivers and their passengers.”

Data gathered by Transport Canada indicates that vehicles equipped with ESC were involved in approximately 30 per cent fewer severe collisions involving driver loss of control than non-ESC vehicles. Based on 2006 collision data, there would be at least 225 fewer deaths and 755 fewer people seriously injured each year if all passenger vehicles were equipped with the system.

The proposed regulation was published on March 14, and will be followed by a 75-day response period when interested parties may provide their comments to Transport Canada.

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