1914 Russel

1914 Russel

Ottawa, Ontario – The Canadian Science and Technology Museum (CSTM) will showcase a new display of Canadian cars this summer.

The exhibit, In Search of the Canadian Car, will open on June 23, 2010 and will feature part of the Museum’s automobile collection, which serves as a record of the cultural connections between science, technology and society.

“In Search of the Canadian Car focuses on the question of national identity as it pertains to manufacturing, design, marketing and consumer choices in Canada,” said Claude Faubert, director general of the CSTM. “It provides important insight into the Canadian experience of building and consuming this profoundly transformative technology from economic, environmental, social and cultural perspectives.”

The exhibition presents 13 unique automobiles, along with memorabilia and advertising. The interactive exhibits will include an opportunity for visitors to cast a vote for the “most Canadian” car.

For more information, visit CSTM.

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