Aurora, Ontario – Roadway fatality rates rose slightly in Ontario in 2010, but the number of crashes fell from 2009, according to the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP). The force is almost four years into its Provincial Traffic Safety program (PTSP).

Introduced in March 2007, PTSP is a proactive approach to traffic safety that initially targeted the “big three” causes of injury and death in jurisdictions patrolled by the OPP: impaired driving, aggressive driving, and failure to use occupant restraints.

There were 330 road fatalities in the jurisdictions in 2010, higher than the 310 deaths in 2009, but an overall 28 per cent reduction in fatalities from the 2005-2007 period prior to implementation of the PTSP.

The program has resulted in an overall reduction in year-over-year collisions and personal injuries resulting from them, the OPP said. In 2008, the force investigated 74,196 collisions, in which there were 16,767 people injured. In 2009, collisions dropped to 69,560 with 14,779 personal injuries, while in 2010, there were 69,218 collisions and 14,737 people injured.

The OPP will adopted distracted driving as its fourth major pillar of the program going forward.

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