January 19, 2007

OPP cruises back in black and white

Ford Crown Victoria painted in the OPP's black-and-white scheme
Ford Crown Victoria painted in the OPP’s black-and-white scheme. Click image to enlarge

St. Thomas, Ontario – The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) will return to traditional black and white patrol cars, adding greater visibility and instant recognition to OPP general duty and traffic patrol. The event was marked by the unveiling of a new OPP black and white Ford Crown Victoria cruiser being built in St. Thomas, Ontario.

The first black and white cruisers will patrol high-traffic areas of the 400 series highways by the beginning of March 2007. The full roll-out will follow the normal replacement schedule for general patrol vehicles, with the fleet becoming completely black and white over the next two and a half years. The reintroduction of the traditional-look cruisers coincides with the renewed OPP focus on traffic safety, in particular aggressive targeting of dangerous drivers.

The OPP has used several variations of black and white cruisers; in 1989, it went to all-white cruisers with blue and gold striping, with the black and white cars completely phased out by 1993. The OPP maintains a fleet of approximately 1,200 general patrol cars.

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