April 26, 2007

Operation Lookout intervenes to prevent impaired driving

Ottawa, Ontario – In recognition of the First United Nations Global Road Safety Week, the Ontario Community Council on Impaired Driving (OCCID) and the Ottawa Alliance on Impaired Driving (OAID) are reminding the public of the role it can play in road safety by participating in Operation Lookout.

Operation Lookout intervenes to remove unsafe drivers by involving other road users to report suspected impaired drivers by calling 9-1-1 or (*)OPP. It also deters potential impaired drivers by communicating an increased likelihood of apprehension.

“Drunk, drugged and fatigued drivers put us all at risk on our roads,” says Mary Purnell, vice-president of OCCID. “Operation Lookout has been recognized by Health Canada as a valuable program to deal with repeat offenders. Police services running Operation Lookout have seen fourfold increases in the number of calls, saving lives on our roads.”

Trademarked in 1992 by Against Drunk Driving, Operation Lookout operates in almost 50 communities across Canada and is managed by OCCID. The program provides a timely approach to addressing all forms of unsafe driving, including drugs, drinking and fatigue, and can even help someone suffering from a medical emergency while driving. The program typically runs in communities in collaboration with Public Health and local police, local businesses and community groups.

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