Toronto, Ontario – A new report shows that Ontario’s roads are the safest in North America, according to the latest statistics which represent data from 2006.

The Ontario Safety League presented an award to the Ministry of Transportation in recognition of having the lowest fatality rate since 1931.

The statistics show that Ontario’s fatality rate has dropped to 0.87 per 10,000 licensed drivers, rating higher than comparable North American jursidictions including New York (1oth), Quebec (14th), Michigan (16th) and Ohio (19th).

“Through a combination of public education and leading-edge legislation and enforcement initiatives, Ontario has earned a reputation among road safety practitioners as a global leader in road safety,” said Brian Patterson, presdient of the Ontario Safety League. “Their road safety record speaks for itself and over the years, these efforts have saved countless lives. Today, we are recognizing this outstanding achievement.”

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