Toronto, Ontario – GO Transit, covering the Greater Toronto Area, has teamed up with Google Maps to provide a new trip planner to help customers plan their trips, including transfers and walking directions.

Customers can visit GoTransit and enter the start and end address on the trip planner application, or visit Google. Once the data is entered, Google Maps will generate a trip route, complete with walking directions, transfers and a map. The trip plan will also offer GO customers multiple route options when applicable, and identify the stops, stations and timing.

“As part of Google’s commitment to helping people use public transit to get around cities, we are pleased to welcome GO Transit to Google Maps,” said Jessica Wei, strategic partner development manager at Google. “This trip planner shows GO Transit’s commitment to innovating, serving their riders, and attracting new riders.”

GO on Google Maps can be accessed on mobile devices and includes accessibility features for those who use screen readers or Braille displays.

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