Toronto, Ontario – A majority of Ontario residents support the use of safety cameras to measure speed near schools, community centres and road construction zones, according to a new survey commissioned by the Ontario Road Builders’ Association. The survey found 67 per cent of respondents supported the cameras, with the highest support coming from retirees and women.

“There’s no question that Ontarians believe safety cameras are the way to go to help police crack down on aggressive drivers who continue to ignore the speed limit and put lives at risk,” said Karen Renkema, spokesperson for the association.

The survey also found:

– 82 per cent are confident that greater enforcement of the speed limit in community safety and construction zones would help to improve safety

– 76 per cent believe that the Ontario government should make it a priority to crack down on aggressive drivers

– 69 per cent feel that an increasing number of aggressive drivers, especially those speeding, have made roads more dangerous than ever.

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