Toronto, Ontario – As Ontario enters the back-to-school session, the provincial government is reminding drivers to be extra careful around school buses. Ontario law requires drivers to stop when approaching a stopped school bus with its upper red lights flashing. Violators face fines of up to $2,000 and six demerit points.

The government also has tips for parents, caregivers and teachers to share with children:

– Use 10 giant steps as a guide to take you away from the front of the bus.

– Be sure you can see the driver, and that the driver sees you.

– Watch for the driver’s signal that it is safe to cross the street.

– Listen and look both ways to be sure it is safe before you cross the street.

– If you drop anything in front of the bus, leave it, and never stop to pick it up.

– Walk across the street and never run.

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