Toronto, Ontario – The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP), in partnership with Ontario RAID (Report All Impaired Drivers), is introducing a new initiative to combat drinking and driving on the province’s roadways. The RAID program encourages citizens to call OPP dispatch immediately if they believe they have spotted an impaired driver.

Citizens should provide the location, direction of travel, a license plate number and other details about a suspected motorist that can assist the OPP in apprehending alleged impaired drivers.

“We have all heard the don’t drink and drive message countless times, yet 80,000 Canadians a year still choose to drive after they have been drinking,” said RAID founder Doug Abernethy. “Their irresponsible choices result in thousands of charges and, tragically, hundreds of deaths and serious injuries. Many families have suffered the heartbreak of losing a loved one to an impaired driver.”

Once limited to certain regions within Ontario, the RAID program was recently given the opportunity to expand to the rest of the province with the help of corporate sponsor CAA insurance. The program currently works in over 40 OPP detachments. Citizens who suspect an impaired driver should call *OPP on a cell phone, or 911.

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