June 28, 2006

Ontario Provincial Police and MTO introduce new e-ticketing technology

Toronto, Ontario – The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) and the Ministry of Transportation (MTO) are introducing new computer technology that will change the way provincial offence notices (PON) and commercial vehicle inspection reports (CVIR) are created and issued to the motoring public.

The new systems, e-PON and e-CVIR, are new Roadside Data Capture computer programs that permit OPP and MTO enforcement officers to enter and create PONs and CVIRs electronically.

e-PON allows for the electronic completion of a summons, offence notice and notice of driver suspension. The new software eliminates illegible handwriting issues and significantly reduces errors in the creation of the notices, providing clarity to the defendant in understanding the charges and options of addressing them. e-PON will also reduce processing costs of default notices.

e-CVIR is the electronic completion, issuance and updating of a commercial vehicle inspection report in “real time”. Currently, when offers inspect commercial vehicles for mechanical safety, data input can take several weeks to process. This can cause the repeated and unintentional selection and stopping of commercial vehicles for inspection. The new application will provide officers with the ability to view CVIRs online, note defects and data about completed or uncompleted repair work, and take appropriate enforcement action against non-compliant carriers.

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