May 5, 2006

Ontario promotes motor scooter operator’s license

Toronto, Ontario – Ontario is reminding drivers of the new test for moped and motor scooter operators, which the province is promoting as an urban transportation option.

“Ontario has the safest roads in North America,” says Harinder Takhar, Ontario Minister of Transportation. “This government is following through on its plan to maintain this strong safety record by testing drivers for the vehicles they are operating, making our roads and communities even safer.”

As of November 28, 2005, moped and motor scooter drivers are required to hold a Class M license. Applicants can now demonstrate their skills in a road test using a moped or motor scooter; those who pass receive a “Class M license with L Condition” that allows them to drive those vehicle types only. Road tests for mopeds and motor scooters can now be booked at Driver Examination Centres and travel points throughout Ontario; road tests will be conducted on lower-speed roads to accommodate motor scooters and mopeds.

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