September 19, 2005

Ontario police wrap up “Operation Corridor”

Aurora, Ontario – The Ontario Provincial Police wrapped up “Operation Corridor”, a 24-hour safety initiative on highways in Toronto and surrounding areas. A total of 2,108 charges were laid, including 1,445 cars and 92 large trucks stopped for speeding, 152 seatbelt charges, 10 caught with open liquor containers, and 11 drunk drivers.

Among those charged were a 48-year-old Niagara Falls man, apprehended doing 172 km/h in a 60 km/h zone, and with a blood alcohol reading more than double the limit. A 24-year-old Waterloo man faces criminal charges of dangerous driving, in his third road-rage incident in the past several months. He apparently became enraged when a driver inadvertently activated the high beams on an unfamiliar, brand-new Toyota Echo. The 24-year-old, driving a large pickup truck, got behind the Echo and rammed it ahead 200 metres.

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