Toronto, Ontario – A special enforcement campaign by the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) resulted in a total of 6,361 driving-related charges over the long weekend. Six people were killed across the province during that time, four in vehicle collisions, one on an ATV on a township road, and one boating incident.

Of the charges laid, 1,607 were for distracted driving, 5,351 were for speeding, 641 were for seatbelt violations and 128 were alcohol-related charges.

The stepped-up visibility and enforcement by OPP officers over the long weekend was part of a campaign during Canada Road Safety Week, which ran from May 16 to 23, 2011.

During the week, the OPP checked over 153,000 vehicles during R.I.D.E. programs and charged 148 drivers for alcohol-related criminal driving offences, issuing 166 license suspensions and 85 suspensions for 90 days. The police also laid 6,906 speeding charges, 1,112 seatbelt charges and 533 aggressive driving charges over the week.

Overall, the number of people killed on OPP-patrolled roads to date in 2011 is down 19 per cent from last year.

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