July 30, 2007

Ontario Ministry of Transportation changes policy on imported damaged vehicles

Toronto, Ontario – The Ontario Ministry of Transportation has announced new policies that will brand certain imported vehicles and motorcycles “irreparable”, or “parts only”, and not eligible for licensing or plates for road use.

Vehicles that are imported into Ontario as “salvage”, but have been identified as “fire or flood damage” on the registration or title will now be branded “irreparable” or “parts only” when registered in Ontario. Previously, they had been legally registered in Ontario as “salvage”, and were eligible to be repaired and inspected; upon successful inspection, the vehicles were qualified as “rebuilt” and license plates were issued.

Motorcycles that are imported with a brand of “salvage” or “rebuilt”, or an equivalent brand, must be registered as “irreparable” or “parts only” in Ontario, effective July 16, 2007.

“If shops are fixing these vehicles now, they should cease repair work until the customer is advised that these vehicles, even if repaired, may now not be allowed license plates in Ontario,” says Tony Nigro, president of Collision Industry Information and Assistance (CIIA).

In a release, CIIA says that “it is also expected, although not identified in the government’s documentation, that if a vehicle was branded ‘salvage’ due to fire or flood and then subsequently repaired in the USA, and after that, sold to a consumer who eventually brings it to Ontario through a legitimate import or through a household move, that the vehicle will be ‘irreparable’ or ‘parts only’.”

CIIA also says that total-loss Ontario vehicles that have, or appear to have had their airbag or wheel sensors immersed in liquid may be branded as irreparable flood vehicles, based on a recent appeal to the Ministry.

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