May 17, 2006

Ontario government invests $1.4 billion in highways

Toronto, Ontario – The Ontario provincial government is investing $1.4 billion this year to maintain and enhance Ontario’s highways, according to an announcement by Transportation Minister Hardiner Takhar.

“We are on the side of Ontarians who want to keep their families safe on our highways,” Takhar says. “We are proud of our record of having the safest roads in North America, and this investment shows that we’re committed to keeping it that way.”

Construction projects for 2006 include widening Highway 401 in the London area, and building new bridges at Bronte Creek and Sixteen Mile Creek to accommodate the future widening of the Queen Elizabeth Way. The government estimates that in the next 25 years, an additional two million vehicles will be on the roads, which could drive the cost of congestion as high as $28 million per day.

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