Toronto, Ontario – A new report shows that 95 per cent of Ontario residents surveyed think the Ontario government should focus on reducing fraud and inefficiencies, rather than cutting auto insurance benefits. The poll was conducted by Leger Marketing on behalf of the Association of Independent Assessment Centres (AIAC).

The Ontario government is currently considering 40 recommendations on auto insurance reform as part of its five-year review of the auto insurance industry.

Of the 800 Ontarians polled:

– 77 per cent said that it is unfair that the government is considering capping medical assessment costs at $2,000. Should the government approve the recommendation, critical assessments such as head or spinal injuries or specialist assessments for children could no longer be covered.

– 73 per cent disagreed with a proposal to cut in-home assessments for auto collision victims, which would most affect seniors, the disabled, and others with mobility issues.

– 80 per cent disagreed with cutting caregiver and housekeeping benefits to save insurance costs.

– 4.6 per cent agreed with reducing medical benefits to auto crash victims from $100,000 to $25,000.

The AIAC is an industry group representing independent businesses and health care professionals who perform medical assessments and neutral, third-party examinations of auto and disability insurance claimants to determine their entitlement to benefits.

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