October 15, 2007

Ontario doctors applaud California’s ban on smoking in cars with children

Toronto, Ontario – The Ontario Medical Association (OMA) says it is “encouraged” by a recent decision in California to ban smoking in cars with children. California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed a bill on October 10 preventing adults from smoking in a vehicle carrying anyone under the age of 18.

“With more and more jurisdictions legally recognizing a child’s right to a smoke-free car, we believe it is time for Ontario to follow their lead,” says Dr. Janice Willett, President of the OMA. “Ontario has made a lot of progress in implementing smoke-free initiatives; banning smoking in cars with kids is the next necessary step to protect the health of children.”

Other jurisdictions with similar laws in the U.S. include Arkansas, Louisiana, and the cities of Bangor, Maine and Keyport, New Jersey. Rockland County in South Australia also has a similar law.

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