July 9, 2002

Ontario car dealers support new bill to improve collision repair industry

Toronto, Ontario – The Ontario Automobile Dealers Association (OADA) has expressed its support for a new bill which will improve the standards of the province’s collision repair industry. With 2800 collision repair shops in Ontario, there are currently no provincial standards for compliance, equipment or customer code of practice.

Introduced by MPP Frank Klees, the Collision Repair Standards Act, 2002 will ensure that car repairs to a vehicle after a collision are done by licensed technicians in a facility that meets the province’s equipment, training, labour and environmental standards. The changes will eliminate discharging hazardous wastes such as paints and solvents into sewers and will require spray painting to be carried out within approved booth facilities rather than in an open area or outside.

The Act will also ensure that facilities conform to all provincial and municipal regulations and that all taxes are paid. This will level the playing field so that ethical shops are not carrying higher costs by conforming to legal standards.

Mr. Klees has also introduced a complementary change to the province’s Insurance Act that will require vehicle insurers to only pay repair costs to shops that meet the new standards. The changes will mirror similar standards programs now in place in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and British Columbia.

“Road safety is the principal motivation for our support,” explains Bill Davis, executive director of the OADA and Toronto Automobile Dealers Association (TADA). “Consumers must be confident that the vehicles on the road are sound structurally and mechanically.”

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