Aug 3, 2007

Ontario bridge inspections are being “diligently performed,” says OGRA

Mississauga, Ontario – In the aftermath of the Minneapolis bridge collapse, the Ontario Good Roads Association (OGRA) says it is confident that inspections in the province are being performed in a timely manner to prevent similar situations.

“Whenever catastrophes like this happen, you can’t help thinking about the possibility of something similar happening in our own community,” says Joe Tiernay, Executive Director of OGRA. “We felt it when the Laval bridge collapsed last October and we’re feeling it again with (Wednesday’s) bridge collapse in Minneapolis.

“Ontario has laws requiring that bridges and overpasses be inspected every two years, and I am confident that these inspections are being diligently performed. It’s a priority for municipalities and a priority for the province.”

OGRA says that regular inspections allow municipalities to identify bridges that need repair and to conduct repairs in a timely manner, but that more funding is needed. “OGRA continues to advocate for sustainable funding that can be used for long-term planning,” Tiernay says. “Last year the province provided $400 million to municipalities for road and bridge funding and it was put to good use. We requested that this funding become a regular part of the budget, but it was not included this year.”

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