March 9, 2007

Ontario BioAuto Council to receive government funding

Guelph, Ontario – The Government of Ontario has announced it will provide funding for the Ontario BioAuto Council, which is working to link agriculture and forestry with the chemical and plastics industry to produce materials and chemicals from biological feedstocks. The bio-based materials, such as flexible foams and rigid plastics, would be incorporated into Ontario-made cars the trucks.

“Today the Government of Ontario has not only shown their support for our organization and our vision, but also their commitment to the larger global bio-economy and a cleaner, more economically diverse Ontario,” says Terry Daynard, BioAuto Council Executive Director.

The Council is also working to identify other markets for bio-based materials, such as the packaging and construction sectors. Soybean oil, for example, can be transformed into a plastic precursor and incorporated into polyurethane foams for application in car seats, bedding or furniture, while biofibre from agriculture or forestry sources can be used in composite materials and as a replacement for Fiberglas.

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