March 26, 2007

Ontario BioAuto Council receives $6 million from Ontario government for research

Guelph, Ontario – The Ontario BioAuto Council has announced it has received a $6 million grant from the Government of Ontario for development and demonstration of bio-based materials. The group is working to link agriculture and forestry with the chemical and plastics industry to produce materials and chemicals from biological feedstocks; the materials, such as flexible foams and rigid plastics, would be incorporated into Ontario-made cars and trucks.

“Today the Government of Ontario made another important investment in Ontario’s future as a leader in the bio-economy,” says Terry Daynard, Executive Director for the BioAuto Council. “The funding for the BioAuto Council will help us move forward with our commitment to building new commercial opportunities based on biological feedstocks for Ontario’s leading industrial sectors.”

The Council says that opportunities also exist in fine chemical manufacturing using legnin and hemicellulose from trees and enhanced biofibre production for use in composite materials and as a replacement to fiberglass, and it is working to identify other markets such as the packaging and construction sectors. The Council projects a $50 billion global market for bio-based plastics by 2015.

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