June 16, 2006

Ontario Attorney General destroys cars seized in street race

Markham, Ontario – Ontario’s Attorney General has confirmed that two cars seized and forfeited as a result of street racing incidents were destroyed yesterday. The vehicles were seized under the Remedies for Organized Crime and Other Unlawful Activities Act; it is the first time street racing cars have been destroyed under civil asset forfeiture legislation.

“Two cars modified and used as street racing cars are now permanently out of action,” says Attorney General Michael Bryant. “It was proven before the court that these cars were instruments of unlawful activity. The court ordered the cars forfeited to the Crown under Ontario’s Civil Remedies Act. Today, we destroyed them to ensure that they could never again be used for street racing.”

The cars were impounded by York Regional Police after being stopped for speeding and dangerous driving in separate incidents involving street racing in 2003 and 2004. Police say both cars had been modified for the purpose of racing, with features added to the engine and exhaust to increase power, the vehicle’s road clearance lowered, and the back seats and interior panels removed to reduce weight.

The Ontario-based Project E.R.A.S.E. (Eliminate Racing Activities on Streets Everywhere) says that 33 people have been killed in the province due to street racing. In Toronto, a couple celebrating their 17th anniversary in May, and a taxi driver in January, were killed by other drivers suspected of street racing.

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