Detroit, Michigan – GM’s OnStar has filed for its 500th patent, which will support emergency services and highlights the company’s commitment to working with public safety officials to make for safer roads.

The latest patent is for technology that uses the OnStar system to notify first responders approaching a crashed alternative fuel vehicle of the type of propulsion used. High-voltage systems and unconventional fuels can pose special challenges to first responders.

“Innovation has been the heart and soul of OnStar since we launched services over a decade ago, and our 500th patent filing is a wonderful milestone on what has been an amazing journey,” said Chet Huber, president of OnStar. “GM’s commitment to technological leadership in this category, confirmed by OnStar patents still being filed at the rate of once every six days, has created a strong and necessary foundation for OnStar’s continued leadership across our broad range of safety, security and peace of mind services.”

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