February 20, 2003

OnStar now available in seven different automobile brands

Troy, Michigan – Now in its seventh year of operation, OnStar’s emergency and information service will be available on 11 additional vehicles in the 2003 calendar year and will offer its services on more than 60 models from seven different automotive manufacturers. These include Acura, Audi, Isuzu, Subaru, Volkswagen and GM. OnStar services are also available in select Lexus models under the Lexus Link name.

Since its introduction in the Fall of 1996, OnStar has had more than 20 million interactions with subscribers and is available to customers in every county in the United States and all provinces of Canada. Each month, OnStar advisors:

  • Answer more than 220,000 routing calls – as simple as getting directions to local restaurants to points of interest requests from families traveling across the country on vacation
  • Answer about 13,000 roadside assistance requests
  • Perform about 27,000 door unlocks – because a driver left keys sitting on the front seat or the family dog accidentally locked himself inside
  • Respond to about 700 air bag deployments
  • Respond to about 500 stolen vehicle location requests
  • Respond to about 5,000 emergency requests – including medical emergencies, threatening situations on the road, or Good Samaritan calls

Depending on the model, OnStar is standard, part of a preferred equipment group or convenience package, or an individual option, and includes a year of “Safe & Sound” or “Directions & Connections” service. After the first year, all subscribers can renew the “Safe & Sound” service for U.S.$16.95 a month, or the “Directions & Connections” package for U.S.$34.95 a month. For those who also want a personal concierge, a luxury service package is available.

Every new OnStar-equipped vehicle has OnStar Personal Calling allowing drivers to make and receive hands-free, voice-activated cellular phone calls through a nationwide network utilizing an embedded 3-watt phone and external antenna. OnStar Personal Calling is there “just in case” — the solution if a cell phone battery has run out; a driver forgets to bring along a cell phone, it isn’t safe to reach for one in a vehicle, or when the driver is in an area with poor or no hand-held cell phone coverage.

OnStar Personal Calling services are prepaid and there are no additional long distance or roaming charges, no long-term contracts or recurring monthly fees, and no extra equipment to purchase. All OnStar subscribers have a choice of minute packages that offer maximum flexibility and meet various budget needs. For example, a subscriber can purchase a 30-minute package for as little as $13.99 or choose the 1,000-minute package for $299. Both minute packages are good for 12 months.

OnStar Personal Calling also gives subscribers access to personalized Web-based information features such as location-based traffic and weather reports, delivered through the OnStar Virtual Advisor platform.

Additional information is available at www.onstar.com www.onstar.com.

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