February 8, 2006

OnStar launches vehicle diagnostics by e-mail

By Grant Yoxon

Chicago – OnStar will launch a new vehicle diagnostics by e-mail service in Canada February 17. If you are a GM owner and subscribe to GM’s OnStar service, your car will send you an e-mail every month to tell you how it is doing.

OnStar President Chet Huber made the announcement yesterday to Canadian journalists attending the Chicago auto show.

OnStar Diagnostic e-mail
OnStar Diagnostic e-mail. Click image to enlarge

The new service automatically performs hundreds of diagnostic checks and automatically sends the results via e-mail to the vehicle’s owner. OnStar Vehicle Diagnostics reviews and reports on four key operating systems – the engine and transmission, anti-lock brakes, airbags and OnStar itself. The unique e-mail report also provides general maintenance information, reminders based on the vehicle’s remaining engine oil-life, as well as other relevant OnStar subscription and vehicle ownership information.

The new monthly service is available to eligible OnStar subscribers at no additional charge.

The new service is in addition to the currentGM Goodwrench On-demand Diagnostics check, which OnStar subscribers can request at any time by pressing their blue OnStar button. OnStar advisors perform real-time on-demand diagnostics checks for subscribers in Canada more than 1,200 times a month.

The new OnStar Vehicle Diagnostics e-mail service can be activated on 2004 model-year or newer OnStar-equipped GM vehicles that have GM’s exclusive Oil-Life System and diagnostic capabilities. This includes more than 50 GM models. An active OnStar subscription is required for enrollment.

OnStar services also include automatic airbag notification, emergency services, roadside assistance, GM Goodwrench On-demand Diagnostics, remote door unlock, driving directions and routing, points-of-interest location, stolen vehicle location assistance and hads-free calling.

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