November 20, 2002

Only 40% of Canadians consider installing snow tires in Winter

Laval, Quebec – According to a recent Michelin survey, approximately 40 per cent of Canadians who drive passenger cars, light trucks, mini-vans and Sport Utility Vehicles are considering installing winter tires this year.

“What’s surprising about the research is when you look at the numbers a
little more closely,” said Ron Margadonna, Michelin’s Technical Marketing Manager. “For instance, Quebec City often receives their fair share of snow, so it’s no surprise that 87 per cent of its residents consider installing winter tires. But what may surprise some is that only 27 per cent of the residents of Winnipeg and 37 per cent of Edmontonians are considering installing winter tires – cities that can receive significant snowfall and often have long periods of sub-zero temperatures. Even more surprising, 36 per cent of the coastal city of Vancouver, which is generally more temperate, are considering installing winter tires.”

Margadonna said the reluctance to use snow tires may be attributed to outdated perceptions of snow tire performance.

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