December 13, 2007

Online video illustrates benefits of winter tires

Mississauga, Ontario – A series of online videos is now available, showing the superior performance of winter tires in traction, handling and stopping when compared with conventional all-season tires in cold weather. The videos are the result of a collaboration of Transport Canada, the Automotive Protection Agency (APA) and the Rubber Association of Canada (RAC).

“Winter tires are not just for getting through snow; they are specifically designed for road conditions when temperatures reach below seven degrees Celsius,” said Gilles Paquette, Communications Manager of RAC. “At colder temperatures, conventional all-season tires begin to lose elasticity, resulting in reduced traction, longer stopping distances and reduced handling and cornering capability. The new winter tires retain their elasticity to grip roads at much lower temperatures.”

The videos were shot on a snow-packed ice surface track near Ottawa last winter, and include an introduction, all-wheel drive truck tests, rear-wheel drive car tests, rear-wheel drive car versus truck tests, front-wheel drive car tests and a summary. The clips can be viewed on the Be Tire Smart Web site at

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