July 17, 2002

Online players complete first mission in “Become a MIB agent!”

Stuttgart, Germany – The majority of the players participating in “Become a MIB agent!” have already accomplished the first mission in that city of gamers and gamblers, Las Vegas. Now, in the second mission of the online game sponsored by Mercedes-Benz, players are being called out to the ocean.

Here’s what’s going on: The underwater test lab “Deeplab 04”, site of tip-top-secret drive system development, has sent out an urgent S.O.S. call. Since then, all contact to the lab has been cut off. But is it an accident? Or, do the aliens have something to do with this, too? Only one thing is certain: Beings from another planet have landed on earth and have set their sights on the new, innovative fuel cell technology from Mercedes-Benz. If they manage to get a hold of it, they’ll really be able to get their out-of-date spacecraft zipping around through the galaxies better than ever before. And that’s exactly what the players participating in “Become a MIB agent!” have to prevent from happening during these four online missions.

The online agents have to tackle things in just the same way that Agent Jay and Agent Kay do in the film “Men in Black II”: Only those who employ a skillful, multifaceted approach will be able to get on the aliens’ trail.

For players, the challenge of this online game from Mercedes-Benz is to find out what is expected of them. Using the “Messenger” function, players can get real-time contact with other players and exchange useful information and articles. The most successful players will be the ones who can complete their assignments quickly and be a part of a team effort.

Players who successfully complete all four missions will rise from junior recruits to top agents. The best of those will be eligible for a trip to Hollywood to be awarded in a drawing held in September. The winner, along with friends and family, will fly to Los Angeles and enjoy a stay in a top-notch hotel. Once there, an exciting program awaits them: An exclusive look behind the scenes in Hollywood, an exciting visit to Columbia Studios and an insider’s tour of the locations used in filming “MIB II”.

The “Become a MIB agent!” online game from Mercedes-Benz is part of a worldwide marketing campaign being run in cooperation with Columbia Tristar to promote the start of “Men in Black II”. In this sequel, the new Mercedes-Benz E-Class plays a major role. The marketing co-project includes an extensive series of coordinated advertisements from Mercedes-Benz (TV, print, theater, point-of-sale) in over 20 countries that are designed to highlight the role of the E-Class in the film and in the associated online game.

Join the game at http://www.mercedes-benz.com/MIB2.

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