Ford releases images of early sketches named “Locomotive” and “Bullet Train”, feature sketches.

Bullet Train
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Ford decided to drop a little post-NAIAS surprise on us today, with the automaker showing off design study sketches of what could have been the Atlas concept.

The concept above, named “Locomotive”, was Ford’s uber-butch, utilitarian concept showing a strong workhorse with massive tow hooks and an almost Hummer-esque shape. The other concept, “Bullet Train” (right), was designed to make the pickup as slippery through the air as possible. Its design received strong inspiration from the Ford Evos concept shown in Frankfurt in 2011.

The Atlas we saw at NAIAS is said to be somewhere in between these two sketches, blocky but aerodynamic, showcasing the brand’s new-found strength and strives for efficiency.

Ford Atlas windshield design concept
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In addition to these fully sketched design studies, the Blue Oval had some other Atlas feature drawings which were left on the cutting room floor, like this windshield design with glass flowing from the traditional windshield seam along the roof to the back of the cab.

Another feature which didn’t make it into the final concept was a splitting tailgate for tool and medical kit storage, very similar to the Ram Trucks RamBox.

Full gallery below.

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