Toronto, Ontario – The Ontario Motor Vehicle Industry Council (OMVIC) is advising consumers that Prestige Toys Limited of Toronto is not legally registered to buy, sell or lease vehicles, although it appears the owners are continuing to operate and are maintaining an active Web site.

The dealership, at 1017 Finch Avenue West, had its registration revoked on December 14, 2009 after it was found consumers had been misled about the history of vehicles they purchased, or had been provided with bills of sale that misrepresented the actual purchase price. OMVIC warns consumers and other dealers to avoid doing business with the company.

In Ontario, all motor vehicle dealers and salespeople must be registered under the Motor Vehicle Dealers Act before buying, selling or leasing vehicles. Consumers who purchase vehicles through unregistered dealers are not protected by provincial legislation. Transactions conducted through registered motor vehicle dealers are protected through the Motor Vehicle Dealers Compensation Fund, which is available under specific criteria to consumers who may have suffered a financial loss from their motor vehicle transaction.

To verify registration of a dealer or salesperson, visit OMVIC.

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